In MySQL, replication is a process that provides redundancy, prevents data loss, and increases efficiency on data access. It works basically by live-copying a data set, stored in a MySQL database, from a server to another. This configuration is known as master-slave replication. But, better yet than this popular master-slave replication, there is an evolution of it known as master-master replication, which was introduced to solve some of its predecessor’s major issues. This newer configuration enables read/write operations from multiple servers, allowing MySQL to copy data from two or more master nodes. …

Here is a simple guide for how to replicate from AWS RDS to Google Cloud SQL.

To setup replication on Google Cloud SQL, we need a static IP address but RDS does not have a static IP address. So for that reason, we need the proxy to forward the traffic from master to slave. There are many different kinds of solutions out there which Bill Schneider already wrote in his blog post.

I will go with socat for this test example:

socat: e.g., socat TCP-LISTEN,[port],fork,reuseaddr TCP:[hostname]:[port].

Let’s get it on!
So here is the recipe for our cooking session:

Every day I take a look at my online banking app and get the feeling I am dead broke. The reason behind this is I use spaces. These are similar to the sub accounts you see in your N26 bank. Once you move all of your income into your sub accounts, everything goes a little wonky. Your main balance looks incredibly low and you feel like a student again. You go back in time to when your money and bank accounts were usually marked in red you swore the devil created just to annoy you. …

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